Why Robust Age Verification Is Important In Gaming Industry?


Gaming industries are already thriving but during the pandemic, it experienced a surge when people were limited to their homes and found entertainment in gaming. According to research and Shufti Pro News, the percentage of minors in the gaming sector has been increasing. This rise caused several concerns for regulatory bodies. Game playing is enjoyable and it opens up individual minds after a hectic day or makes them feel relaxed. But addiction to games is never healthy. Secondly, the company never knows whether a game player came to play or to exploit the platform to perform fraudulent activities. 

Therefore, companies have started conducting age verification solutions to protect minors from certain damages. This age verification online has protected the gaming market from fraudsters. Age verification is the technique of identifying an individual’s identity and age to restrict them from age-restricted content. Online entities that offer age-restricted goods or services are required to follow laws and regulations to perform KYC or KYCC, including age verification protocols, to protect minors.

Digital and Manual Age Verification 

As evident from Shufti Pro Funding, online age verification is a solution that makes sure that users’ identity and age verification are completed and then granted access to them. It has become a standard process to verify age in today’s modern world. Everything has an age limit these days. For instance, purchasing tobacco, the age limit is 21 but this would only work if a user buys a product from the store. In the case of online shopping, the scenario is entirely difficult, because the client is not physically present, making it hard to identify the age. This brings the dire need for a quick and error-free online system. 

Boosting the Growth of Gaming Industry 

The growth of the gaming sector is extensive but the pitfall is that it has some luring minors, which is not good news for the sector. The internet has a massive amount of users and the gaming sector has pushed teenagers into playing age-restricted content with a growing concern for their families and the gaming sector. An online age verification system ensures that the gaming sector will grow but in a more favorable way.

  • Reducing Fraud 

Synthetic identity theft has become pretty common in the gaming sector. Minors forged their identities and age to access games, as well as fraudsters, exploit minors in the gaming process. Gambling sites often have to bear refunds in addition to identity fraud. However, age checks assist them in protecting from fraudulent activities. 

  • Compliance With KYC 

The regulation of identity verification keeps track of online businesses more closely. Following the plethora of requirements can be challenging for any sector including the gaming sector. The online platforms however have made it easier for age verification and compliance procedures. It verifies the age of individuals in such an accurate and speedy manner that it also restraint fraudsters from approaching the platform. 

  • Brand Image 

Gaming industries have to maintain their brand’s image which is very hard in this modern age. The optimal solution for protecting the firm’s reputation is an age verification solution. The process of age verification makes sure that no fraudsters are minors are onboarded on the platform. This shows the platform’s legal procedures and shows that there is trust-building between its participants. 

  • Protecting Minors 

Once the age of the player is verified, then it becomes clear whether he/she is a minor or not. This makes it simple for the gaming websites to protect them from manipulating or exploiting the minors. Otherwise, it becomes very hard to identify who’s playing the game on the other site. 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility 

Every platform has a responsibility to its ongoing concerns. It is the website’s responsibility as a member of the internet community to prevent youngsters from being onboarded and to protect them as much as possible. As a result, the gaming industry requires a more effective approach to solve all of the challenges. 

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Wrapping It Up

Minors can now use the internet to circumvent age verification measures and acquire illegal advantages. When we look at this element attentively, we can see that it not only poses a health danger but also raises questions about the gaming company’s social and ethical obligations. Minors can now easily circumvent the digital age verification process. The number of anonymous users on gaming platforms is growing, making it impossible for the industry to prevent or stop them. Gaming and other enterprises, on the other hand, can verify their customers’ age and protect themselves from minors by using the most up-to-date age verification technology.