Why Real Estates Should Partner with Architectural Firms


To have a successful restaurant company, you must have a solid brand, a decent location, a nice menu, and a competent and experienced chef, all of which will bring you success. But have you considered how you might boost your real estate business’s sales and commissions? You must first understand real estate management Portland OR should collaborate with architecture firms.

The goal

The idea here is to mix the roles of investor, seller, and architect in order to construct their own projects. The idea is to bring the future owners together in a legal organization that obtains the property and appoints the architect.

One creates the structure, collaborating with clients and engineers to transform a conceptual design full of ideas and limits into a code-compliant fantasy built of wood, steel, and herringbone drapes. That dream is sold by the other.

What do architectural firms get when partnering with real estates?

It’s literally that simple. You gain access to housing information that you did not previously have.

And why real estates should partner with architectural firms

According to our experience, only around 20 of every 100 residences are planned by an architect. That implies 80 homeowners will never meet with an architect. However, 79 percent of all residences are acquired with the assistance of a real estate agent or broker, and 85 percent are sold with the assistance of an agent. This implies that for the majority of consumers, the initial point of contact is with a real estate agent. You may believe this is a good thing, but consider this: are you really going to leave this sort of exposure to amateurs?

No offense intended! Working with various residential real estate property management Toronto has shown us how vital it is for buyers and lessors to select the appropriate building or house, and it is not a simple process. The majority of the time, properties will require some repairs and adjustments. This is an undeniable reality, and the ‘challenge’ for agents is to ensure that they are providing that service to their clients. This is where we can help.

This is where real estate and architecture may complement one another.

So, how can we bring architectural services into the mainstream? “How can we make architectural experience available to folks who felt they could never afford to employ an architect but really desired a good place to live?”

We feel there is plenty of opportunity for collaboration on both sides. We also understand how critical it is for sellers to recommend a skilled architect or design business to advise and assist their clients.