How to Protect Your Home from Wild Animals

Wild Animals

Wild animals can not only physically harm humans by attacking them, but they also carry dangerous diseases that can be fatal. While young people can take care of themselves, it is difficult for children and the elderly. If you have a home at a place where wild animals occasionally visit as guests, it’s best to follow all precautionary measures. Since you are probably not living inside the deep forest of the Amazon, you don’t need to build a fort. Just install a few things mentioned in this article, and you are good to go. 

Cover Chimney with Caps

Many animals can get inside your home through the chimney. The worst thing is that you might not even be able to realize that they have entered your house. This kind of surprise is not going to be pleasant for anyone in your family. This is particularly a problem if you have toddlers at home. A very simple solution for this problem is a chimney cap. It will make sure nothing gets inside your home through this route. You can easily open it whenever you have to burn the chimney and warm your house. 

Install Raccoon Traps

Raccoons can be dangerous, although they look like domestic pets. Remember that they can be rabid, and they are more likely to attack humans and pets in this condition. It’s best to keep them away from your home using raccoon traps. Most people are worried that the traps installed for wild animals can also injure domestic pets and kids. This is why you should get a dog proof raccoon trap that does only its job perfectly and nothing else. These traps are designed considering the size and body shape of the raccoons so your pets are not hurt. 

Install Iron Rods on Windows

Windows will still keep bringing light and air to your house even when there are rods on them. Plus, you will get protection from animals and burglars breaking into your house through windows. They might not look very attractive now, but they used to be in fashion for a long time, and they can still give your home a pretty decent look if installed properly. 

You will never have to worry about even strong animals like bears getting into your home. You can get iron bars that open like a door or stay fixed. You can get the ones that open like a door, but it’s best to install fixed bars. There is less chance for mistakes when the bars are fixed. Besides, windows don’t have to be used like doors. 

Cover Exhaust Fans

Small animals can still enter your house through exhaust fans. As exhaust fans are important, it’s better to either get a cover for them or get new fans that come with a cover. Those covers automatically open when you start the fan. These even come in many designs. Above all, you should particularly make sure that the exhaust of the basement is properly covered because that is where you will see the most break-ins.