7 Food Packaging Trends You Need To Be Aware Of 2022


Wondering what the latest trends of custom food packaging in 2022 are? We will show you the top 7 trends of these packages that you must be aware of in 2022. Innovations in custom food packaging are a routine matter nowadays. But every packaging with an innovative design is not trending. Many packages are manufactured using cardboard or corrugated stock. Many brands prefer Kraft paper for making them as well. They are easy to customize. That means you can see numerous types of packages in this regard. But you must choose the one that is beneficial in many ways. For that purpose, there are some trending ideas that you must be aware of in 2022. We will show you some exciting trends in this regard that will leave you amazed.

1: Chinese Takeout Boxes

This is among the best boxes that businesses can use for their eatable products. They have been used for eatable items for a long time. They have excellent qualities that make them quite popular. Like they can come with a bi-fold, tri-fold, or tetra-fold lid. Some of them also have a dedicated handle. These things can help carry them when taking your food out of the restaurant. That is a great reason why many people love them. That is a great reason why it is a significant trend in 2022 you must be aware of.

2: Flip-Top Packaging

You cannot ignore this critical kind of packaging used as a food box. Businesses prefer these packages because they have a simple structure. They have a foldable lid that is easy to open and close. It is generally manufactured using cardboard or corrugated materials. Their shape and size are customizable. Many brands choose them because of their impressively low cost. It is among the best food packages due to its protection abilities. Customizing their graphics is possible.

3: Die-Cut Window Package

Window packaging has been quite an important one for many businesses. These packages have pretty amazing benefits for eatable products as well. It is because the shape of this window is changeable. Due to these things, many businesses can easily showcase their products through this window. But it is sealed with a transparent vinyl sheet to boost its protection. There are many more reasons why they are trending. If stylish showcasing is needed, you must be aware that this packaging is for you.

4: Telescope Packaging

Talking about the most common and straightforward packaging type, a telescope box is for you. You can easily categorize it among the top trending ones. This one has a removable lid on its top side. That makes them relatively easy to open and close. Their cost is low. They can come in ready to assemble a flat sheet form. Businesses can easily customize their graphics. These packages are pretty exciting benefits that make them top trending in 2022.

5: Gable Boxes

Most of us know about these packages with dedicated handles. There are many other packages that these beat pretty firmly. They are generally manufactured with cardboard as well as Kraft paper. They are easy to carry due to handling. Eco-friendly materials make them safe for eatable products. Their colors are easy to personalize. That makes it quite an excellent reason why they were gaining colossal popularity even in 2022.

6: Bakery Boxes

We cannot ignore the importance of bakery boxes when we talk about food packaging. They are among the top-selling packages all over the globe. It is because of the delicate items placed inside them. They can come in different shapes and sizes. Their style is almost identical. Like they have a foldable lid that opens from the top side. Due to these things, they are trending even in this modern age. You can easily use them to keep your products safe for a long time. Items remain fresh for a specified period as well.

7: Display Packaging With Sealing

This food package style is quite an important one for particular types of eatable products, like candies, chocolates, canned items, and many more. It is beneficial to display these kinds of products to the customers. That is an excellent feature of these packages. But you must be attentive to the safety standard. That is why sealing with a transparent vinyl sheet is essential. Their protection and presentation abilities make them trending in 2022.