Causes and Treatments for Hair Loss in Men

Treatments for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common part of aging, particularly in men. While natural and certainly normal, it’s far from welcome. Hair loss can impact a person’s self-esteem drastically. The same person will look far older with a receding hairline than with a full head of hair. While some men are happy with going fully bald or working with their hair loss, this is far from a universal experience.

Treating your hair loss can be expensive, which is why it’s important to understand the causes of hair loss, and the many treatments available today. Some options are budget-friendly, while others are costly.

What to Keep in Mind Before You Begin

Unless the hair loss was sudden, for example, due to stress or medication, your hair is unlikely to grow back without external intervention. Medication, therefore, can be used to help stop or slow hair loss in men. To regain the hair you’ve lost, you’ll need to start looking into hair transplant surgery. These surgeries are very safe and can lead to lasting results – particularly when combined with the lifestyle and medical preventative tips outlined in this guide.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss, with genetics being the number one culprit. Other causes can include hormonal imbalances, for example, if you have an underactive thyroid gland. Medical conditions like autoimmune diseases as well as certain medications and treatments can also result in hair loss. Keep in mind that stress and even malnutrition can also cause issues.

Treatments of Hair Loss

Once you know the cause of your hair loss, you can then look into these treatments:

1.     Medication

Medication can help either stop hair loss or even encourage hair regrowth. Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that hair loss medication will return your hair to its former glory. More likely, it will help stop or at least slow hair loss. One of the top options is Finasteride, which has shown great results in around 90% of the men who take it. These Finasteride 1mg tablets can be ordered online right to your door and will even come in discreet packaging, so you can start your hair loss recovery journey with confidence.

2.     Lifestyle

There are a few ways that you can change up your routine to minimize hair loss. Healthy eating and regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight is a good place to start. You’ll also want to try to reduce and keep stress at low levels since stress on its own can result in hair loss and can even make your hair grow more brittle and prone to breaking.

Other lifestyle changes include your self-care routine. Nourish your hair with healthy oils, use combs to stimulate circulation in your scalp, and wear satin-lined hats or even a satin pillowcase. Women use these tactics all the time to help get fuller, healthier hair, and you can too.

3.     Hair Transplant

If you’re experiencing hair loss and are fairly confident it’s due to genetic causes, start saving up for a hair transplant. The cost will depend on how many transplants are made, so trying to save up enough right from the start can help you save and get great results. Keep in mind that you may need repeat treatments, so put away a nest egg to help you afford these treatments.