A sneak peek into a Boxer’s Life: Workout, Diet, and Lifestyle


Have you always been keen on knowing what a professional boxer does in a day? Your long-awaited wish is about to be fulfilled as we bring you all the details.

It’s not only custom boxing gloves that make you a boxer. There are many components that help you stand tall in the ring! You must consider the idea of owning a professional boxer kit and adapting your lifestyle.

The idea of customizing your own boxing gloves can be intimidating. However, you can eventually get familiar with a handful of information. We have got you covered to kickstart your boxing journey.

 Want to follow in the footsteps of a maestro? Here you go!

Custom boxing gloves: The essential gear in every professional kit

Getting familiar with professional tactics and routines will eventually pay you off in the long run. However, you must put in all the essentials to lead the way.

It takes a lot that goes into a boxer’s life. You can not simply pick trendy custom boxing shorts and hit the training ground. Want to know what goes inside the actual boxing world? 

Hop on! As we take you on the exciting journey of boxing.

Workout regime

  1. Shadow boxing

Fighting your fear before entering a boxing ring is essential. Shadowboxing is one of the most practiced techniques. You do not require a partner or equipment to practice it. 

All you really need is custom fight gloves to do shadow boxing. This technique helps boxers improve hand movement and agility. You can start your training with shadowboxing.

2. Speed bag

Step further in your boxing training and start with powerful punching sessions. The portable and small speed bags help improve hand speed, timing, and rhythm. Also, it’s good to step in with custom MMA shorts to enjoy speed and easy maneuvering.

3. Heavy bag

Leveling up yourself is what professionals do. You need to adapt to the change to polish your techniques. For such purposes, professionals opt for heavy bags. You can, too, spend time hitting hard on heavy bags. It will help you improve your combat techniques.

4. Mitt work

Boxers regain their strength and focus with focus mitts. You can, too, leave all the distractions behind and train with a partner or trainer. Focus mitts help improve accuracy and offensive/defensive techniques.

5. Strength exercises

Exercise like weightlifting, body weight exercises, and core work to build strength. You can opt for custom boxing gear to ensure protection. Also, it eases the burden of the heavy lifting by providing extra cushion.

Diet plan

  1. Carbs and protein

Boxers swear by a good protein diet. It includes lean meat, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts.

2. Vitamins and minerals

For a healthy and balanced diet, minerals and vitamins are essential. Boxers include citrus fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains. 

3. Hydration level

Keeping up with your hydration needs is important. You don’t want to feel the fatigue of demanding workout sessions. Also, boxers opt for electrolytes to keep themselves hydrated. Also, the airy and elasticity of custom Muay Thai shorts help maintain coolness.

Lifestyle and other physical activities

Adapting to the lifestyle of a professional boxer is one exciting thing. You can be overwhelmed by the idea of having a unique identity. Having a custom kimono can be one of the appealing things to look forward to. 

Moreover, you can find yourself bombarded with choices in custom boxing outfits.

Also, physical activities like running and jumping help you take a break from vigorous training sessions. 

Are you excited to adapt to professional boxers’ lifestyles and workout routines? Now it’s time. 

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Are 16oz gloves safe?

For sparring purposes, it’s good to opt for heavier boxing gloves. Therefore, 16oz gloves are the ultimate choice for it.

Can you spar with 10oz gloves?

10oz boxing gloves are the smallest practical gloves used by professionals. It’s a good choice for hitting pads and heavy bags but not ideal for sparring.

What is the average glove size for a man?

The average gloves size for men is medium. However, for both men and women, gloves are tailored and made as per size.

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