8 Amazing Ways to Sharpen Your Saw’s Blades for Immediate Working.


For your saw to work properly you need to make sure that the blades are sharp. There are many ways to keep your blades sharp. One of the best ways is to use a diamond stone. This will help sharpen and polish off any rust or dirt on the blade if it has been there for a while. This method will ensure that your saw cuts through wood like butter and doesn’t get stuck at all.

Types Of Blades Depending Upon Different Saws:

Larger saws often use blades with larger teeth spaced wider apart. Smaller saws often use blades with smaller teeth, also known as raker tooth blades, which are used in rip cut or cross-cut applications. The number of teeth per inch plays an important role when choosing a blade to be used in different situations. Blades that have fewer teeth can cut through hardwood much faster than blades with more teeth. This is because the fewer teeth per inch mean there are fewer teeth in contact with the wood at any one time, which enables it to move through the wood quicker.

When you are using a jigsaw blade or a raker tooth blade, use a slower speed. This will allow the blade to cut completely through the wood before moving on to another piece. Be especially careful when cutting smaller pieces of wood, too fast of a cut could result in an undesired finish on your project!

Amazing ways to sharpen the blades of the saw:

However, if you don’t have diamond stones or you can’t afford them, here are 8 other ways to make your blades sharp.

You can also use the side of an old credit card to sharpen your saw’s blade.

If you do this to your blade, then the process is easier. You need to move the back and forth over the top or bottom of the blade that needs more work. You must get under the metal to get rid of any rust or dirt. But make sure you don’t use this on both sides of your blade because it will damage it.

Materials for the sharp blades:

If you don’t have a file or credit card to use then get yourself out into nature and look for something that has metal in it. The best thing to find would be either flint rocks or just about any kind of rock that has very sharp edges. You should make sure however, when using this method, that when you apply pressure along the length of the blade (not sideways) like when filing. If you cut your lawn or yard with your lawnmower by going sideways, your blade will become misshapen. If you do it many times over and put too much pressure on it, the blade will be ruined.

How steel wool is helping in reshaping saw’s blades?

Steel wool is a good way to clean the saw blade. It removes rust, dirt, and mud that is caught in between the teeth of the blade. Use it by rubbing it very gently on the whole blade, but do not apply too much pressure because if done too many times with too much force/pressure, you will start to scratch the surface of metal which can make it worse.

Remove rust from the blades will also make it sharp:

Removing rust from your saw is hard if you don’t have a file or credit card. If you’re out camping and don’t have these things, try using vinegar on the rusted parts of the blade. All you will need to do is soak a rag with vinegar and rub it on the rusted parts.

Use different products like soap bars etc to remove the dust and rust from blades of saws:

Rust is a problem for wood saws. You can get rid of rust from the blade by using soap, salt, and a file or credit card. Mix some salt in water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the rusty area with plenty of soap. Let it stay for 10 minutes before you scrub at it with a file or credit card. When finished, rinse away all the residue left on the surface of the metal so that no traces remain.

Toothpaste can remove rust easily:

If your saw ever gets rusty, you can make it better with toothpaste. You rub the toothpaste on the area that is rusty. After this, use a rag or steel wool to scrub it off. Rinse it as soon as you are done. Make sure to rinse it as soon as you’re done.

You should also try using a mixture of lime juice and salt for this purpose.

The best way to get rid of rust is to pour lime juice on it. The juice will stay there for a few minutes, then you should use a rough cloth to scrub off the rust until nothing is left. Clean with lukewarm water once finished with scrubbing then dry it out immediately with some paper towels.

Use white vinegar or salt for the removal of rust of blades:

If the rust is just too bad to be removed with toothpaste, then try using a mixture of white vinegar and salt. Simply pour some white vinegar over the rusted area until it’s completely soaked in, then sprinkle salt on top of that. After waiting for about 10 minutes or so, use a rough cloth or an old rag to scrub everything away. Rinse it thoroughly after cleaning it up well.

The Bottom Line:

If you want to keep your saw blades sharp, there are still some steps for you to take. These include taking care of the other tools and parts that go with the saw. You also need to clean and oil the blade so it is always ready for use. Also, you can order your favorite or suitable saw from Fridayrack. Which will give you the best quality jigsaws for your workers, using it for a long time.