7 Smart tips to help you beat your repair sales targets


Cell phone usage has gone through the sky with the advent of the internet. Everyone is connected with each other, meaning these devices are now an integral part of everyday life.

Business Relevance 

The technological advancements in the development of these smartphones means that these devices are getting more and more sensitive. Usually hardware issues arise like broken screens, speakers or battery replacements.

You can log these issues using your repair shop software. But to beat your monthly or quarterly sales targets, you need more than just jotting down issues to make your business successful.

We’ve shortlisted 7 smart tips for you to stay ahead of your sales targets. 

Accessible Location

Your store’s location is very important. It can become the determining factor for the success of your repair shop. Having a location that offers visibility and easy accessibility to a large segment of the society really helps your store with what it needs to beat the sales targets.

If you’re looking for office spaces for your repair business, try to hone in on the famous ‘hotspots’ of the city.

Next, look for a shop that offers ample space, has the right visibility to attract the right customers, and also is not too expensive in terms of upkeep.

Try to avoid shops in areas with less footfall. You’ll not get many customers this way. Track your customer influx using a computer repair shop software.

At times, getting a repair shop in commercial centers sounds perfect, but getting a shop away from these shopping malls and near residential and office spaces gets more people to come in.

In addition, offering pick-and-drop facilities during the launch phase of your shop is not advisable. If you still insist, do check its long-term and short-term feasibility for your business.

Needless to say, the best location for your repair shop has to be primarily economical. However, it must also be capable of catering to a large number of people.

Hire Skilled Employees

Skilled and trustworthy technicians can turn your business around!

These skilled laborers are very crucial for you. Primarily, due to two reasons: Competency and Trust.

You need to be able to assign repair tasks to them without having to worry about timely delivery.

Additionally, having skilled employees can ensure tight delivery timelines. Use your POS software and highlight the best performers.

There are multiple ways to streamline your performance indicators. Mostly people use the number of closed tickets and successful advance repairs in handing out points.

Just like the cell phone technology is changing, repairing skills need the same level of evolving to stay relevant in the cell phone repair industry.

Another problem arises here. The rightly skilled personnel you’d need is a challenge itself.

You can easily offer fringe benefits to retain your skilled employees. This step will make sure that your employees avoid the job-hopping bandwagon.

In addition to this, ensure a balanced hiring ratio of technicians based on their level of seniority. 

If you’ve ended up hiring multiple junior and inexperienced technicians, remember to quickly upskill them to handle complicated repairs.

Track which technicians need upskilling using your computer repair shop software.

Hiring expert technicians does add value to your repair shop, but these people will charge you extra money.

Availability of Spare Parts Vendor

Inventory upkeep is a very important task. This enables your repair shop to ensure quick and timely delivery of services. 

Timely delivery can only become possible if you have the required spare parts. Ensure their availability in your inventory. If not, your fixing services will get delayed. 

You can easily avoid getting yourself into a pickle. Sourcing a spare parts vendor nearby your store ensures timely delivery.

Also assign a minimum threshold to your inventory for maintenance purposes. Your repair shop software can help with this.

Create a list of all the spare parts vendors in your store’s proximity. Then try to finalize the reliable ones. This approach ensures you’ll easily avoid any parts shortages. But do not over stock your inventory. Don’t keep more than what you can get rid of as the prices for spare parts frequently change (and drop).

Lastly, ensure the prices of the spare parts you are sourcing. Your vendors can overcharge you. So keep a few vendors on your panel and place an order with the ones offering the lowest rates.

For adding new vendors, get yourself estimates and quotations for the parts you mostly use. 

Positive Customer Experience: A Key Priority!

Following your selection of the perfect shop for your repair business, you need an influx of customers to kickstart the revenue generation process.

Several repair business owners dream of higher profit margins to get themselves started. 

We are here to let you know that this is a very bad practice!

Adjust your computer repair shop software to limit your profit margins, and get more customers on board.

Primarily, your focus needs to be on generating a loyal and recurring customer base. Yes, this takes time, but pays off in the long run.

A large customer base is more profitable than a smaller one that pays higher rates. 

Nevertheless, be mindful of the fact that your customers are aware of the ongoing prices for any repair services they need. Don’t lose these potential customers by charging them extra!

Timely Delivery & Quick Fixes

Cell phone usage has become very crucial. Unnecessarily holding onto a device for long is not suitable for expecting a positive image of your business.

Rather, it gives a negative reflection. Whereas, if you timely repair a device and quickly return it, your customers are going to be very happy. 

The reason being is that the customer’s important data is difficult to substitute with a temporary phone.

Help your business grow and attain a positive reputation by providing quick repair services.

Automate Your Processes

Avoid getting yourself a ready-made POS softwares for your repair business. Rather, go for the one relevant to the repair industry as these ones can better sort out your business processes. 

Many of your requirements can be met with the integration of these systems, including inventory management, repair tickets statuses, profit/loss reports, and much more. 

Some may also include automated notifications via texts and emails, informing your customers about the real-time status and progress of their repair job.

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Your Repair Shop Software can do wonders for your business operations and growth. Know what you want and watch the magic happen!