Who is the Richest Indian YouTuber According to You?

Richest Indian YouTuber

Sanam Puri is the lead singer and composer of the band SANAM. In 2016, her channel was among the top 10 independent YouTube channels in India. She was India’s largest music artist on digital media, and the fastest-growing channel. Her content is hilarious and is based on the accents of different states. She earns around $180K a month. She was rated as the richest Indian YouTuber by the Forbes.

Ashish Chanchlani – As the youngest and most popular YouTuber, Ashish is a rising star in the country. He became famous after winning a reality show called Big Boss. His videos about his life with Shahid Kapoor have over two million subscribers and millions of views. He earns more than $2 million a month. You can find more about him on his YouTube channel.

Bhuvan Bham – The BB Ki Vines star earns more than $120k a month. He creates content in the adult comedy and drama genres and makes over $120k per month. He is a multi-talented actor who likes to portray multiple characters. He also has 14 million subscribers. While it may seem hard to believe, he is an actor.

Ashish Chanchlani – An all-rounder, the actor has a YouTube channel worth over $120k. He creates content that is relatable to the masses and earns around $2 million per month. His videos have gained millions of views, and he has been called the Mozart of Madras. But if the richest Indian YouTubers are people who love acting and comedy, it is hardly surprising that he is so rich.

Amit Badhana is the second richest Indian YouTuber according to you, with a monthly income of between $80k and $120k. The two are also from Chennai, but her parents moved to the US when they were children. Vidya Vox is a channel dedicated to music and has over 6 million subscribers. Many of them are from the United States. He earns between $15K and $2235 per month, which is considered a large sum.

The richest Indian YouTuber is Amit Bhadana, who has an estimated net worth of USD 4 million. The other richest Indian YouTubers are Bhuvan Bam and Gaurav Chaudhary. While most of them make money from their videos, they all have different styles. The most famous one is most likely to be the most famous among them. It is important to note that there are many people who make more than ten crore USD per year from their videos.

The richest Indian YouTubers have an estimated income of between $80k and USD$110k each. In terms of popularity, Gaurav Chaudhary is the richest and most popular video channel in India. He earns from the advertisements on his channel, which is a combination of views and clicks. This is a lot for an amateur who only tries to make a living through video production.

Among the richest Indian YouTubers, Shruti Arjun Anand is the youngest millionaire. His channel earns between $3K and $23.7K every month. She is a popular makeup artist and is famous for her standup comedy videos. He also has a successful career in acting. He has a channel devoted to beauty tips. Moreover, he also has a vlog channel where she shows her fashion and personal style.

Among the richest Indian YouTubers, Ashish Iyar and Gaurav Chaudhary are the most successful. Interestingly, these two have different interests. For example, they all love acting. Despite the differences in their nationalities, they have the same net worth, and are ranked at the top of the list of richest Indian YouTubers. While it’s difficult to tell which of the two is the richest, it’s worth knowing that they are both rich and successful.

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Another YouTuber with a large following is Shreya.

She started her channel in 2010, and now has almost 702K subscribers and 336K followers. She focuses on helping people buy reliable and affordable products. Her income is estimated to be between $305 and $4.9K per month. She resides in Al Garhoud and has over nine million subscribers. You can also find out more about Shreya’s wealth and income on Forbes.