Where Can You Get a Data Science Certification?


Data Science Certifications is an online or offline Data Science Skills assessment document. Suppose a potential employer hires you to incorporate numerous data-driven insights into regular business processes. In that case, you can reciprocate by having industry-ready job prospects prepared by the curriculum of any of the Data Science certifications. It is because more and more businesses now see the value of data analysis, machine learning, and data visualisation approaches as ways to expand their potential for future revenue.

There are several types of data science certifications. While some are cheap and can be taken up part-time, others will cost more and require more time. The additional benefits that certifications offer might also vary: some merely offer certification, others need training before you can take the exam, and some help you get employment afterwards.

Numerous companies and organisations supply data science certifications. However, we’ll concentrate on three major categories of suppliers:

  • Higher education
  • Certification only providers
  • Certification and learning platforms

Higher Education:

If you’re determined to pursue a career in data science, attending a university or college is undoubtedly a fantastic choice because more and more institutions are now providing data science courses. However, it is important to note that you are not required to study data science to work in the industry. A “quantitative degree,” which might include a wide range of numerical courses, including statistics, mathematics, economics, etc., is frequently requested in job ads. Adding a DATA SCIENCE CERTIFICATION to such a degree can be a method to demonstrate your interest to employers while maintaining your possibilities for other career paths.

Certification-only providers:

Some organisations (Adasci in India and DASCA in the USA) specialise in getting you certified in chartership, so if you apply, it will be considered that you are already familiar with all the relevant knowledge. Keep up with the latest data science news and trends because their examinations are frequently revised due to their staff’s expertise in research and industry.

Online learning platforms:

Some websites also offer certification services, starting with at least a quiz and going all the way up. To ensure you are fully prepared for the challenges you might encounter in a data science career, you can take up the courses offered by the platforms. The DATA SCIENCE MACHINE LEARNING COURSE, which consists of various exam-style questions, assignments, and a live presentation delivered to experts and non-technical audiences, can help boost your career. You will also have access to the careers service, where counsellors with connections to the business can help you with your employment hunt. Platforms like Google, Coursera, Microsoft, Unacademy and several others are an example of this.

Below is a list of some popular Data Science Certification Courses you can take up:

1. Google Professional Data Engineer Certification

2. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification

3. Amazon AWS Big Data Certification

4. Dell EMC Data Science Certification

5. TensorFlow Developer Certification

6. IBM Data Science Professional Certification

7. SAS Certified Data Scientist