What will you need for your kitchen or bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom can be a stressful time with multiple tradespeople working on top of each other, which is why it is so important to be organised and plan your attack with the right people by your side.

Compared to a kitchen or bathroom renovation, a living area or bedroom is usually a lot easier to renovate, as these rooms usually don’t require plumbing, tiling or cabinetmakers. But don’t let that scare you off. If you can find the right people like HardHat Renovation Guys, a new kitchen or bathroom can do wonders for your home.

So, who do you need?


If you are planning any structural work to your home, such as knocking out a wall or making multiple changes to the structure of your home, you may need a qualified builder.

During your kitchen or bathroom renovation, unlike other tradies, your builder probably won’t pick up a tool at any stage. Typically, the builder’s job is to coordinate and manage the other trades that will be doing work in your home and make sure everything is done to code.

Your builder will be the one you speak to throughout your renovation if there are any delays or problems, which is why it is so important to not only find a builder that is qualified, but one that also is friendly and approachable.

Consider hiring a Master Builder, who is someone who is a member of the Master Builders Association. There is one of these bodies in each state of Australia and require a high level of experience and skill to become a member. In saying that, if your builder is not a Master Builder, it doesn’t mean they aren’t good at what they do, they just don’t have that guarantee.


Many people associate carpenters with woodwork. The truth is that carpenters also work with steel and timber substitute materials as well. A major role of a carpenter is to create and erect structures, but carpenters can also lay flooring, install windows and build custom cabinetry for a kitchen.

Your builder will usually recommend tradespeople they know well, but if you have any concerns, ask to see the carpenters’ license. On it will show what kinds of jobs they are licensed to do in your state. Speak with the carpenter and your local council to get a detailed idea as to what is and isn’t allowed.


Doing your own electrical work and manipulating electrical wiring in your home is illegal in Australia as it is extremely dangerous, which is why you will always need to call an electrician.

There are different kinds of electricians and some specialise, such as Green Electricians who optimise your home to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Depending on how much you are renovating, the electricians can do everything from running new wiring, to adding an extra power point. Speak to your builder and electrician before work commences as they may have some great tips to make your kitchen or bathroom more functional.

Plumbers and gasfitter

If you are renovating or building a new kitchen or bathroom, plumbers are essential. There are a lot of rules and regulations about ‘wet areas’ and these guys are the experts.

There is a difference between plumbers and gas plumbers, however.

General plumbers deal with the flow of water and are the ones to call to install a new kitchen sink, toilet or shower. Gasfitters are also plumbers, but who have specialised in the flow of gas, instead of water. These specialists are the ones who will install your new gas oven, gas hot water system and run any piping.


A kitchen or bathroom renovation can be chaos, with plumbers, electricians and cabinetmakers all on the go (sometimes at once). One tradie you will need is a tiler, but these guys won’t be rushing.

Tiling is a very time-consuming and millimetre-perfect task that requires precision. Just watch any renovation show and you’ll see the benefits of having a good tiler at work.

The best way to find a good tiler is through recommendations by asking around and checking online reviews.


During your bathroom or kitchen renovation, it can be handy to have a handyman. Your handyman is your ‘jack-of-all trades’ who can do jobs such as assembling flat-pack furniture and painting. They are usually a great source to help get your smaller jobs done and are often a cheaper alternative than hiring a specialist painter, for example.

The possibilities are endless for what a handyman can do, but they may not be able to do certain jobs without certification. There are regulations on the value of the materials and service that cannot be exceeded by an unqualified tradesperson. Check with your local council if you are unsure as to whether you need a certified tradesman or a handyman.


Similar to tilers, glaziers are very precise and cautious. Glaziers cut and install glass that you may need for a shower screen in your bathroom or splashback in your kitchen. Considering some types of glass can cost hundreds of dollars for each square meter, your glazier will want to make sure they get it right the first time.

Not all states in Australia require glaziers to be licensed, so make sure you know you have a quality tradesperson if they aren’t a licensed glazier.