What is the future of graphic designers?

What is the future of graphic designers

Do you have a creative bent of mind and are interested in a stellar graphic design career? Yes! You’re in the right place as this blog is a step-to-step guide to becoming a successful graphic designer. So, let’s begin with its introduction.

With the advent of novel technologies, digitalisation has taken over the graphic design industry by storm. At present, graphic design is indeed an ideal career path for creative people. In fact, graphic designers are in huge demand for their unique design skill sets.

The future of graphic designs

The Founder and CEO of Company Folders, Inc, Vladimir Gendelman, says that the future of graphic design will elevate to new heights after being fused with augmented reality, resulting in 3D printing. Gendelman further asserts that augmented reality will enable designers to incorporate more real-world elements.

At present, postcards, magazines, newspaper advertisements, logos, book covers, infographics, billboards, digital brochures, vehicle wraps, and email marketing templates are some common examples where graphic design definitions certainly fit.

After fusing with augmented and virtual reality in the future, people can experience graphic designs for experimental lettering, recreational, educational, and occupational purposes.

Demand for graphic designers in the future

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the employment of graphic designers is expected to grow 3 per cent between 2020 and 2030. The BLS report further suggests that around 23,900 vacancies for graphic designer roles are projected each year over the decade despite the limited employment growth. Therefore, graphic design is a promising career in today’s cut-throat competition.

The profession of graphic designers is not just enticing and fascinating, but it is financially rewarding too. According to PayScale, graphic designers in Germany make EUR 33,376 per year. However, the salary of graphic designers in Germany dramatically varies on skills, experiences, and location.

If you’re thinking of pursuing graphic design and wondering if it is the right career path for you, we will help you make a well-informed decision via this blog. In general, graphic designers require a bachelor’s degree in graphic design to launch their career in this field. Read on to explore a course in graphic design and its entry requirements.

An introduction to BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Graphic Design is a three-year undergraduate programme focusing on fostering new talent into creative leaders in the commercially oriented graphic design realm. The programme introduces students to typography, corporate visual identity, UI/UX design solutions, Corel draw, illustrator, photoshop, InDesign, HTML/JavaScript, graphic designing software and tools, image layouts and effects, and developing designs.

Entry requirements for BA (Hons) Graphic Design in Germany

Do you have what it takes to begin a journey to becoming a successful graphic designer? Discover now!

  1. Applicants must have ECCTIS UK equivalent to GCSE to prove their academic qualification.
  2. Proficiency in the English language is a must. Applicants can take official English tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL, Password Test, or Duolingo Test to prove their English proficiency.

However, applicants are encouraged to check directly with the university they want to attend. So, explore now to make a sound decision for a stellar graphic design career.