What is Red Light Therapy?

What is Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is an effective treatment for minor to moderate acne scars, along with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, both commonly found after acne. It helps bring out the undereye’s colour and restore their skin elasticity. It can effectively treat blemishes as well as dark circles.

It involves using a red light therapy box or lamp to stimulate collagen production. After treatment, red light therapy can be used regularly to help prevent further skin irritation and inflammation. A red light therapy box can be a desk lamp, or a UV lamp. UV lamps are also known as light therapy lamps. They are usually in a full spectrum, usually 3,000 Kelvin (4,700 Kelvin in Europe).

Light therapy in combination with creams and oils can be used to combat many forms of skin problems. They can help increase blood flow, and help regulate the amount of collagen that your body produces to repair your skin.

You can use a red light therapy lamp in conjunction with a retinoid (vitamin A) or a retinol to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Both a red light therapy lamp and a retinoid cream are available over-the-counter and do not require a prescription. Retinoids are available in gel, cream, or liquid form. These are the most popular and more affordable form of retinoids.

The active ingredient of a retinoid is the vitamin A. It’s common to confuse retinol with retinol with other retinoids. This isn’t the same ingredient, and can cause redness, irritation, and burning.

It’s important to ensure you’re using a retinoid that’s been formulated for acne scars, which will work more effectively. And if you have redness, irritation, or burning, you may want to speak to your dermatologist before using the retinoid.

It’s important to seek the advice of a dermatologist before using any products containing retinol, red light therapy, or UV light therapy. These should not be used without consulting a dermatologist. If you have questions about the treatment, talk to a dermatologist about what the red light therapy will do and what the retinol can do.

Are You Interested in Using Red Light Therapy?

You can buy red light therapy lamps for home, which can be plugged in and portable. Or you can buy the portable version for office use. They typically cost between $20 to $40.

The lamp works by emitting red light, which is absorbed by your skin. The red light triggers a response in the skin cells, which triggers collagen production.

Red light therapy lamps are available from medical spas or salons. You can also buy it online.

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