User Guide for Natural and Talc-Free Body Powder


Natural body powder has become skincare essential. This product is crafted with natural ingredients and essential oils. They are free from talc and other harmful chemicals. When you use a natural and talc-free body, you will observe that your skin has become softer, and you are engulfed in a non-artificial fragrance.

How To Use Natural And Talc-Free Body Powder?

A  free talc powder is crafted to offer you silky smooth, dry, and fresh skin all day long. Often, people question the best way to use free talc powder. We bring you the answer!

Step 1: Sprinkle the body talc-free powder on your body or take a quarter size of its amount.

Step 2: With a gentle hand, pat it over your body evenly. If you need more, you can sprinkle more. 

Step 3: Gently rub the body talc-free powder on the area that sweats more. It will keep your skin smooth and dry.

If you want to wake up with freshly scented, smooth, and dry skin, sprinkle a dash of your natural and talc-free powder on your sheets.

Different Uses Of Natural And Talc-free Body Powder

The natural body powder is a highly absorbent and versatile skincare product. It can serve more than one purpose in your everyday life. Let’s look at some of them:

  • For Your Makeup: To help your makeup stay on your skin for a longer time, dust the talc-free body powder on your skin after applying the skin.
  • For Your Eyelashes: Before applying the mascara, dust the talc-free body powder lightly on your eyelashes. It will bulk up your lashes make your eyelashes look thick.
  • As A Dry Shampoo: On those days when you are too lazy or busy to wash your hair, talc-free body powder will rescue you. Sprinkle it on your scalp and comb your hair gently to soak up excess oiliness and grease.
  • To Absorb Wetness: A natural powder will soak up the moisture from your body and clothes during those high humid days.
  • To Ease Waxing Pain: Sprinkle the talc-free powder on the area before you apply the wax on it. It will make the wax stick less to your skin, thus alleviating the pain.
  • For Shoes: If the smell of your shoes starts to overwhelm you and others, sprinkle the talc-free body powder on your skin to absorb the odor.
  • For Feet: To enjoy fresh smelling feet, apply the talc-free body powder on your feet and then wear your socks.
  • For Babies: Ease the nappy rashes from your baby bum.