Trending window covering in the year 2022

Trending window

We don’t always have to pick between natural light and privacy it’s all about planning the space and uplifting it with accessories. Windows coverings can be decorative, useful and helpful for space management and the light you want in that area. There are many options available in the market but let’s just focus on these four aesthetically pleasing covers that are trending in the year 2022. 

Roll down hurricane shutters 

It is an easy option I n terms of opening and closing the electric shutter individually or as a group at just the touch of a button. It can also create a barrier around the pool for added security. Shutters make the most of your outdoor living space by surrounding your patio space. These shutters can minimize damage and provide security during hurricanes. It makes a habitable castle by simulating your presence with a timer when you’re not at home. It can also save a few per cent of energy by controlling the climate and reducing energy consumption easily.

 Stylish roller blinds

 They can uplift your space like no one else. You can always match your blinds with desired material and colour. Stylish roller blinds come in aluminium, wood, etc and the fabric is used for interior design. Roller blinds can protect your room or office from UV rays and block up to 95 to 98% of heat and glare entering your space. 

There are further mainly two types of stylish roller blinds, depending on your needs:

 • Lightweight filter roll Perfect for living areas and bathrooms, the light filter roll diffuses sunlight and provides privacy during the day.

 • Double roller system. A dual bracket system, also known as a day/night roller. It combines blackout blinds with either sunscreen or light filtering blinds. This allows you to customize the amount of light and privacy your space receives throughout the day. 

Luminous privacy sheer

 Light when you need it, privacy when you need it. The Sheer fabric offers great style with enduring functionality to your space either its bedroom or living area. Combine this style with accessories for the ultimate décor options. Most of these slats can rotate up to 180° for precise lighting control and privacy. Laminate panels are ideal for glass, sliding doors, and other vertical applications. 

Palm beach shutters

 Last but not least, the most aesthetically pleasing shutters are palm beach shutters. Palm Beach Poly-satin Shutters use a durable UV-resistant poly-satin material to give you the distinctive look of plantation shutters. This material resists warping, cracking, fading, chipping, and peeling, even when exposed to strong sunlight and moisture. Palm Beach blinds with automation are the only motorized blinds on the market, perfect for hands-free blind

operation. A dedicated override function allows manual operation. Simply move the slats by hand without worrying about damaging the motor. These shutters give your space a beachy vibe. You can add palm or small coconut plants nearby to add an aesthetically pleasing environment.