Tips To Arrange An Anniversary Party For Your Parent


Anniversary is a special occasion for every couple. This is the milestone of their relationship. But with increasing responsibilities and family issues, couples forget to celebrate their special day. So it becomes a moral responsibility for children to celebrate their special day. So if your parent’s 25th, 30th or 50th anniversary is approaching then you should start planning to celebrate their special day in the most extraordinary way to make it memorable for the lifetime.

If you haven’t organized an anniversary party before then these below-mentioned tips will help you do that.

Ask about their plans-

Before organizing any kind of anniversary party for them you should ask your parents about their plans for their special day. If they haven’t planned anything then you can ask for their opinions on the kind of party they want. It would be great if you will incorporate their choices in the party to make it special for them.

Make a budget-

Don’t go overboard on budgets in excitement. You have to be very conscious and careful where and how you are spending your money. You can plan a budget in advance and then accordingly decide how you want to spend it. A separate budget will help you in planning things properly. 

Decide on the venue-

The most important element in the party is its venue. So you should first visit the venue and check them before finalizing. The right venue makes a lot of difference. If the venue is your home then plan accordingly.

Taste the food-

Whether you agree or not, food is the ultimate attraction of the party. You have to plan the menu very consciously. Don’t just keep a lot of items on the menu to show off. Be particular about what you are deciding in each section. Two to three options are enough for every section. Carefully pick starters, main course and desserts. Taste them all before finalizing. 

Decide a theme for decoration-

Random decorations wouldn’t be very attractive, so decide on a theme for decoration to make it extraordinary. You can pick a retro theme, pastel theme, flower theme etc so that you can get decorative stuff accordingly. Make sure you have a separate budget for decoration. If the venue is your home then you can decorate on your own but if it is a hotel then you can ask the hotel management to do that for you. 

Buy gifts in advance-

Amidst all this planning going on don’t forget to get anniversary gifts for your parents. These days it is easier to buy gifts because of the online delivery facility available. You can get a couple of framed pictures, plants, scented candle box, perfume hamper etc for your parents as a gift. You can get them a bouquet as well as a welcoming gift. You can order wedding anniversary flowers from online florists. 


You can’t miss the cake while planning for your parent’s wedding anniversary. Anniversary cake will be the center of attraction and major ceremony on their anniversary. Choosing a cake is not that easy. You have to be very particular about it. You can ask your parents about their choice of flavor so that you can get it accordingly. These days customized cakes are also available. You can get your cake personalized by adding your parent’s picture to it. You can also choose the kind of toppings you want. You can order a cake from online gifting websites if you are too busy planning the event. Midnight cake delivery in Bangalore is available.


One of the major things to keep in mind is the number of guests you are inviting because you will have to plan the venue and food accordingly. Ask your parents whom they want to invite from family and friends. Don’t invite a lot of people otherwise you might face difficulty in managing things. Be specific and invite only close family and friends to make it a private ceremony.


Apart from all these things, there will be a few other things that will randomly pop up while planning so make sure you have a separate budget for that. Invitation cards, return gifts etc will come under miscellaneous things so plan it accordingly.

The bottom line is don’t take the stress and enjoy the whole planning process. No one is going to judge you for your choices of things. Take it as a fun event because at the end of the day if your parents are happy then everything is worth it.