The wbu meaning in text language over the social media chatting platforms

wbu meaning in text

These days we are spending most of our time or we can say that all of our time over the different as well as unique social media platforms, be it the facebook platform, be it the instagram platform, be it the whatsapp platform, or even be it the twitter platform. And thanks to this covid 19 pandemic we have still digged down more deeper into this addiction of social media platforms as well as chatting over these platforms. 

On the other hand, the world has become very fast paced and because of which we as a person do not have proper time or attention towards the chatting or being absolutely active over the social media places, which means nowadays because of the shortage of the time we as a person be active at various multiple places at the single time only. Therefore, typing and wasting time over the large typed paragraphs a person is more comfortable in writing abbreviations as well as acronyms instead that is one or two characters long, which is considered to be easy to write and ultimately helps in replying as well as completing the conversation faster as well as in the less time.

There are so many literally thousands of abbreviations and the acronyms are available over the internet in order to use them over the internet. One such abbreviation or acronyms is wbu meaning in text language. W.B.U it is only 3 characters long but it meant or we can say that the meaning of the W.B.U is comparatively more. 

Do you also want to know wbu meaning in text language? Continue reading the article to know more.

The wbu meaning in text language that has been used by the people over the social media platform on the internet is “what about you” it is an abbreviation that is being used as a question in order to ask some one that how they are? How is there health and all?

Generally people around the world use the wbu meaning in text over the chatting language in order to reply to the question that how are you.

Let me explain the complete scenario in the below mentioned story telling kind of the example. Have a look at it and enjoy.

Person 1 says to person 2 hey! Buddy how are you?

Person 2 replies to person 1 hi bro! I am good. W.B.U.?

So, this is an example of using the wbu meaning in text language and making the conversation light weighted and easy also smooth. Here by using wbu meaning in text the time also get saved in the day to day hectic schedule of the people. However, one bad things about this is also there and that is that we can slowly as well as gradually forgetting to using the actual english language and we are now becoming completely depependsed on the short forms, abbreviations, as well as acronyms. Even the kids at the school use wbu meaning in text these types of the words, which is not good for us as well as not at all good for the generation coming and the future of the country and world. 

The meaning of the W.B.U in text language plays an important role in the instant messaging as well as over the social media platforms because of its instant usage as well as because of the cool replies of the same.

Here are some of the most commonly used acronyms that are being used in the social media platforms by the people:

  1. I.M.H.O. – In my humble opinion
  2. I.L.Y – i love you
  3. I.M. – instant message
  4. D.M. – direct message
  5. P.F.A. – please find the attachments
  6. G.T.G.- got to go
  7. T.T.Y.L. – talk to you later
  8. L.M.A.O – laughing my ass out
  9. L.O.L – lots of love
  10. L.O.L.- laughing out louder
  11. B.D.W – by the way
  12. B.4.N – bye for now
  13. F.T.W. – for the win
  14. F.W.I.W. – For what is it is worth
  15. I.D.K. – I do not know or i don’t know
  16. I.M.O – in my opinion
  17. I.R.L.- in the real life
  18. J.K.- just kidding
  19. L.M.K. or Lemme No – 
  20. N.B.D – not a big deal
  21. N.P – no problem
  22. N.S.F.W. – Not safe for work
  23. N.V.M. – nevermind
  24. O.M.G. – oh my god
  25. O.T.O.H. – on the other hand
  26. O.M.W- on my way

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Do you also use these acronyms as well in the chatting over the social media platfms in you daily lives? If yes! then cool. And if No! Then what are you waiting for? Start using these acronyms today in the chatting with your friends as well as family.