Places You Can’t Carry a Firearm

Places You Can't Carry a Firearm

Are you confident that you know all the laws and regulations your state enacted after you got your concealed carry permit? Did you know that new rules were implemented last week, month, or year? Sure, though?

 The point is that regulations are open to change anytime, so it’s a good idea to be informed, especially if you travel. You must be aware of where you are allowed to carry in your home state and the conditions between where you are coming from and going.

Today, we’ll discuss some familiar places where it’s illegal to carry a concealed handgun. No matter what state you’re in, these will ensure that you have weapons legally.


In Connecticut, you must have a CCW permit after you purchase Custom Tactical Rifles for Sale Online. It’s also necessary for carrying a weapon. Additionally, Connecticut’s policy on gun-free zones in schools includes several intriguing exceptions:

It is forbidden to have a firearm in your hands on public or private elementary or secondary school grounds. This ban shall not apply to anyone who has a permit to carry a gun, has permission from school officials, or is walking through school grounds while carrying an unloaded gun.

New York

It is more complicated to discover the precise laws for New York. While a permit for the state of New York is available, you still need one that is particular to the city of New York.

The licensing officer for the city or county is responsible for issuing state permits. The police commissioner of New York City is responsible for issuing licenses.


Utah issues one of the country’s most popular non-resident concealed carry licenses. It’s also the few states where, under certain conditions, you are permitted to carry a firearm into a school.


Regarding guns, Alaska is similar to the Wild West of today. It’s difficult to restrict what people can and cannot do up there because there is so much public land, not to mention a variety of potentially harmful creatures.

You don’t need a permit if you are older than 21 and can lawfully purchase a firearm. But you can apply for an Alaska permit, which is convenient if you go beyond the state.


The numerous gun laws in California are well-known (or maybe infamous). Generally you may carry a concealed firearm anywhere like a pet friendly hotel, if you have a valid Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) license. 

According to California law, CCW owners are allowed to carry in private businesses even if they post signs and conduct entrance checks. If they find out, they have the right to order you to leave (temporarily or permanently), and if you don’t comply, they may charge you with trespassing.


Only a few states, including Illinois, require you to possess a Firearms Owners Identification Card (FOID). When purchasing a firearm or ammunition, you must show your FOID. A concealed carry permit is also required if you wish to be allowed to carry concealed.


You should conduct your research to acquire a gun responsibly. The laws of the states you visit and pass through should be particularly familiar to you. If you are unfamiliar with the nuances of the other state’s laws, this is where a great deal of complexity may develop.