How To Plan The Perfect Proposal That Your Girlfriend Will Not Be Expecting

Perfect Proposal

Marriage proposals are the most exciting and emotional things to ever happen – there is nothing more beautiful than two people committing to each other for the rest of their lives, and proclaiming their love for a lifetime. The essence of marriage proposals is love, and each couple is unique. Hence, while there might not exist the perfect proposal one-size-fits-all approach, nailing the basics of a good proposal will for sure land you brownie points with your to-be fiance. If you are planning to propose to your significant other soon and are on the hunt for proposal ideas, given below are three ideas that you need to incorporate into your proposal to make it the perfect proposal that your partner deserves:

1.    Get a unique ring

While you may be tempted to buy a run-of-the-mill, princess cut, 0.8-carat engagement ring for your girlfriend since it is the most popular engagement ring type on the planet, know that this would lack authenticity to your and your partner’s relationship. Instead of buying a ring that you can spot on every other finger, do something special for your loved one. Instead of a princess cut, opt for a marquise cut that is popular due to its distinct shape and can be styled easily. You may also opt for another gemstone sitting in between diamonds rather than a traditional all-diamond ring and may look at these yellow sapphire rings in Australia for inspiration.

2.    Find a meaningful spot

To plan the perfect proposal, you need to settle for a meaningful spot where you ask your beloved to marry you. Proposing on a dinner date with the ring hidden in the dessert, proposing on the beach, or proposing at a friend’s wedding are all dated ideas and venues, and the location you choose should be something meaningful and unique to your relationship. This could be a spot where you had your first date, a bench where you sat and talked into the night, or the spot where you both professed your love for each other. It is important to note that the setting you choose need not be grand and pompous, rather it needs to be personal and thoughtful.

3.    Capture your lovey-dovey moment

Your fiance is going to hate you if they figure out you planned a proposal and didn’t hire anyone to capture the moment. Not hiring a photographer can be understood when you decide to propose spontaneously, but if you are a man with a plan, hiring a photographer is especially important if you plan to propose in a secluded spot. Be sure to ask the photographer to be present covertly so that your partner doesn’t spot them before the actual proposal. These pictures would be something you would cherish for the rest of your life and can come in handy when you are announcing your engagement to close friends and family.


You should leave no stone unturned in planning the perfect proposal for your beloved. Whatever you do, be sure to add your unique touch to it so that your proposal seems heartfelt and thoughtful rather than “store-bought” and off-Pinterest.