Laser Philips Prestige Personal Review with Product Details

Beautician Removing Hair Of Young Woman with laser

Best Laser Philips BRI956 for at home laser hair removal device was introduced in the market on 10th December 2020, as customers were waiting for more than 4 years since the introduction of the latest Laser Philips Prestige device.

In this article, you’ll know more about Philips Lumea Prestige, the different variations of the products, how to use them, and more.

I’ll also provide you with the most important personal experience with IPL Philips Prestige.

Read further to know more about how Philips Lumea Prestige managed to help me through my hair removal treatments, and how it saved my money in a great way.

What is Philips Lumea Prestige?

Philips Lumea Prestige was introduced in 2017, and it came with superior upgrades to previous models that were named Advanced and Essential.

It comes with 250,000 flashes similar to the aforementioned advanced and essential IPL Philips models.

Moreover, this means that you can have more than 10 years of weekly sessions using Laser Philips.

Laser Philips Prestige Models

Philips Lumea Prestige comes in 3 different models, all of them provide the best performance you may be looking for.

The only differences between them is the number of attachments with each model.

Additionally, there is a difference in colors, as some of them come in white colors, while others are made with pink-ish.

Best Features of Laser Philips Prestige

In order to use IPL Philips Prestige to the fullest, you should know what features are built in the machine.

Results last for a year, compared to a couple of months in other competitors.

It’s also way less expensive than the clinical hair removal sessions.

Those clinical hair removal sessions invade your privacy as you’ll need to be taking off clothes in front of professionals.

Even for pain, Laser Philips Prestige isn’t painful as shaving or plucking the hair, it’s way comfortable, and soft on the skin.

Philips Lumea Prestige Best Buys on Amazon 

The Best buys on Amazon is Laser Philips Prestige, as it presents the highest value for money.

Results appear in nearly 45 days, whereas other devices made by competitors take longer than 60 days to provide convenient results.

Moreover, you’ll be required to carry out regular sessions every 4-8 weeks, to keep the results you have been seeking once you’ve obtained the Laser Philips models.

It’s available on Amazon, while other models can be found there if there are enough in the stock.

My Personal Experience with Prestige

I’ve tried clinical laser hair removal, but it was always painful, invaded my privacy, and cost me a lot of money.

However, once I converted my hair removal methods from clinical hair removal to laser Philips, it became much easier, cost me much less, and provided much better results.

I paid a third of the clinical price when I obtained laser Lumea prestige, and it took me half the time to conclude the whole treatment sessions.

Additionally, I seeked advice on whether I should buy other devices like Tria, Braun, Mlay, or any other device.

But after deep conversations with a lot of customers who had the same problems as me, we settled for obtaining Philips Prestige as it fits the criteria I put perfectly.


IPL Philips Lumea Prestige is the finest on the market, you should obtain it due to the perfect price, the impressive value for money it presents, and how long-lasting its results are.

Moreover, you can check how it changed my life, as I suffered a lot in clinical treatments, but laser prestige solved it completely for me.