Is Managed IT Expensive for Your Business?


IT managed services are crucial for small to medium businesses when it comes to IT managed services. If they do not have an effective IT policy in place, they will be prone to security and compliance issues. However, some business owners of SMBs believe that managed IT services are expensive, which is why they resort to DIY techniques to save costs. Little do they know that the field of IT is a complex field, and you must have the latest skills and qualifications when it comes to protecting your company against compliance and security risks.

Is managed IT expensive – What do industry experts say?

Now, the next question is how much do IT management services cost? Is managed IT expensive? Industry experts state that it is not when it comes to this question. In fact, if your small to medium company is on a tight budget, you are effectively able to hire these companies for your needs.

Factors that impact the costs of IT managed services

The following are the two key factors that impact the expenses of IT managed services-

  1. The service time the business needs- This refers to the dedicated time for conversations between the managed service provider and the company with the intention of fixing a problem or an issue in the organization. This time changes from business to business, so before hiring the company, you should ascertain how much dedicated time you need for your business to determine the costs. In order to determine the above, you need to answer the following questions-
  • How big is the IT network in your company (the number of workstations, users, servers, and more)?
  • Are you looking for support after office hours or during the weekends?
  • Do you need proactive support and maintenance?
  • Does your business have a 24/7 IT system to maintain?
  • How much time do your usual IT problems take to fix?
  • Are your IT issues recurring, or are they one-time in nature?

Remember that IT-managed companies will charge more when the network is bigger.

  • Prices for service time- The service time that the IT managed provider charges will be based on a per hour basis, or the costs are recurring in nature. They generally have specific plans that you can choose for your business. You can go through these plans and choose the best one that successfully works for you. The price also depends upon the number of active users and servers. Though the above might seem to be costly, ensure you have the accurate number needed for the operation and maintenance of your business’s IT needs.

So, when it comes to the costs of managed IT services, you need to keep the above two factors into account. Research well on the companies and choose the ones with positive reviews in the market.

Is managed IT expensive? The answer is no if you carefully consider your business’s key requirements. In this way, you can plan your expenses prudently and get the IT managed services for your company with success!