What is the importance of birth chart in astrology?

What is the importance of birth chart in astrology?

It is possible to create an astrological birth chart at any point in time. It’s similar to stopping the cosmic clock and analysing the position of the planets at the time. The birth chart of your birth is the point at which you first entered this life. It reveals the energy influences that are at work and the life lessons you are likely to learn. This post for Astrology in Bangalore will help you out with all of those questions. 

What exactly is the purpose of a birth chart?

The first thing to note is that your birth chart serves as a representation of the location where your planets are at exactly the time the person, event, or relationship started. Yes, animals, countries, nations, and marriages have their chart of birth. But, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll stick to the most commonly used chart which is the birth chart of an individual. Only experts and Top Astrologers in Bangalore can help you out with it. 

A birth chart uses the positions of the sun and planets in that precise moment to build a map that provides insight into the various aspects of one’s character as well as reveals the time of important life happenings. As a result, it is possible to see the birth chart as informative, guiding us towards becoming the most effective self-awareness, and also illustrating the direction we should take. It’s our destiny that we can choose to take on. While many view the astrology system as a way to determine destiny, however, I prefer to look at the concept as a method by which to interact with life, as we design our future.

How can the planets aid us to understand birth charts?

Understanding the planets’ relation to the zodiac is an essential step to begin your journey to the sky. The planets with shorter orbits travel across the zodiac regularly and their location in the natal chart is based on the individual’s date of birth and date of birth. They are referred to as the inner planets; they comprise the sun, moon Mercury, Venus, and Mars and directly influence our individuality and our day-to-day lives.

The planets located on the opposite side of the belt are called”The outer planets. These celestial bodies including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are moving much slower, changing their significations every 30 to 60 years. The outer planets are the basis for the larger themes of life, and also experiences that are shared across generations.

What is the significance of planets that orbit the earth in the birth chart is determined by the house they are located in. The birth chart is split into 12 sections, referred to as houses. Each house represents a particular area of life: The houses one through six deal with the everyday routines and issues like personal finances such as home, finances, and routines. Houses seven through 12 focus on more abstract ideas like tradition, philosophy as well as psychic capabilities. The position of planets in houses reveals the places where we store our energy and also our strengths and weaknesses.

What are these numbers referring to in the Birth Chart?

  • Ascendant: rising sign of external personality, self by itself, and the impression you leave on other people.
  • The Descendant: Trying to make friends who are your relationship as well as the giving and taking of relationships and the reflection of relationships.
  • The private life: the inner doorways to the soul memory, the emotional root.
  • The Career: A public persona, achieving a global ambition, and reaching the full potential.

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The Houses

Each section in the chart of births is broken down into 12 distinct zones. They are referred to as “houses.” These represent various elements of the lives we lead. When you are looking at your house begin in the middle left of the chart. This is where it’s labeled “AC,” or there is an inscription on the inside on the inside of the wheel. If you go counterclockwise from there you’ll see all houses within the wheel.

The significance of all 12 Houses

First House/Ascendant (AC)/Rising Sign

This is where we find ourselves. It’s the most common thing that people notice in us most (how we dress, conduct our bodies, and the first way we approach other people). Additionally, we are what we release into the world, and then give off to other people. This house is linked to Aries.

Second House

This is the home of personal financial matters materials, bank accounts, confidence, and childhood acquaintances. This house is connected to Taurus.

Third House

The third house symbolises the relationship we have to our children, the way we communicate, travel for short periods (and how we travel by train, cars buses, trains, and cars) as well as preschool education (nursery from the high school). This house is connected to Gemini.

Fourth House / Imum Coeli 

The fourth house symbolises our home, our parent’s family, personal values, customs, beliefs, and our family. It is our base. This house is connected to Cancer.

Fifth House

This is the home of casual dating (like the casual kind of dating) as well as childbirth and children’s creativity, risk-taking enjoyment, gambling, and pleasure. This house is linked to Leo.

Sixth House

This is the home of everyday activities (like chores and running errands) regularity, fitness, colleagues, and the people we meet each day. The house of this house is closely associated with Virgo.

Seventh House/Descendant

This is the home of relationships and partnerships. It is directly opposed to the first self-centred house. This house is linked to Libra.

Eighth House

This is the home of transformation, sexual intimacy death, death, other people’s money and taxes, loans, and debt. This house is connected to Scorpio.

Ninth House

This is the home for higher learning (college or beyond) as well as long-distance travel, justice and peace, the ideals for the entire world, and philosophical perspectives. The house is associated with Sagitarrius.

10th House/Midheaven

This is the home of careers and public respectability. This house is linked to Capricorn.

11th House

This is the home of compassion, friendships and classes, networking online relationships, dreams, and hopes. This house is linked to Aquarius.

12th House

This is the home of secrets of mental and emotional health, criminality, prison, punishment sleep, fears, and addiction. This house is linked to Pisces.


If you’re looking to become an astrologer professional or simply to make sense of your chart of birth, knowing the signs, planets, and houses can reveal the complexities of Astrological wisdom. Spend a lot of time studying your birth chart. The ability to discern the patterns in it will improve when you use the chart in your daily routine. Do not be afraid to write stories and to make bold observations. In the end, that’s how the solar system was first discovered.

The astrology that is at the heart of it The cosmic warrior is the long-standing belief that our human spirit mirrors the universe. They are both beautiful and utterly obscure. The final point is that it involves stargazing. Your fascinations will never go out of the darkness.