Fix: Nighthawk Router Won’t Connect to Internet


What happened? Having set up a Nighthawk router at your workplace but can’t access the internet? Not to worry, as we are here to give you every possible solution to eliminate the Netgear Nighthawk router not connecting to the internet issue. 

So, how do you know that your Nighthawk router can’t access the internet? Take a look at the following scenarios for confirmation:

  • Nighthawk Netgear router does not flash internet LED 
  • Lost internet connection 
  • Netgear Genie is unable to detect the internet connection

So, after cross-checking these above scenarios, let’s get the ball rolling toward the troubleshooting tips.

(Solved) Router Won’t Connect to Internet

1. Power Cycle your Router

For any devices which start causing issues, the first and basic step is to switch them off for some time. Like this, firstly, you need to power cycle our Nighthawk Netgear router. It helps in removing the temporary technical glitches in the router. For doing so, unplug it from the wall socket, and after some time, plug it back. Now, press the power button on the router in order to switch it on.

 Check whether the router is connected to the internet or not. If not, don’t worry. We have several solutions left to help you get rid of this issue. So, keep reading.

2. Check the Ethernet Connection

As you are all aware, Ethernet connections play a vital role in providing internet to routers from the modems. Along with holding vital importance, it can also be the main cause for the router not connecting to the internet.

So ensure the Ethernet cable is not damaged or worn out from any side. Also, ensure that it should be firmly connected to the modem and router.

3. Minimize Distance between WiFi devices

From the relationship to the router and modem working, distance mostly causes problems in every situation. The more the distance between the router and modem, the more the internet connectivity issue will be. So, try to keep a safe distance between both devices.

4. Verify Power Supply 

Power or a source of energy is essential for proper working of any device. So, ensure whether or not the Nighthawk Netgear router is getting sufficient power supply. Also, with this, ensure the power socket and power cable are not damaged from any side and are very efficient in providing power supply to the router.

5. WiFi Interference

Along with minimization of the distance between WiFi devices, try to avoid things that can cause interference in the way of their signals too.

Not aware of the things which can cause WiFi interference? Don’t worry. Take a look at below-mentioned things and try to avoid placing them between WiFi devices:

  • Thick concrete walls 
  • Home appliances like a microwaves, TVs, etc.
  • Ceramic tiles 
  • Windows and tinted glass 
  • Aquariums

Thus, these are the main five materials that block WiFi signals. Wisely place router and modem to avoid internet connectivity issues.

6. Perform Factory Default Reset

This hack can also help you to fix the issue that you are facing right now. Firstly ensure that your router is getting proper power supply. Power it on and now press the Reset button. Once you are done resetting your device, set it up from scratch. You can do so either via the Manual method or the Nighthawk app.

So, what’s the update? Is your Nighthawk Netgear router connected to the internet? Congratulations to those who gained success in resolving this issue. But, if you are out of luck and can’t connect your router to the internet, don’t worry, as we have not wrapped up the post yet. 

You can contact your internet service provider if you are still struggling with the issue of internet connectivity. And ask whether the problem is from his end or not. If it is, ask him to fix it. So in this way, you can easily resolve this issue.

We expect the troubleshooting hacks mentioned above will help you get rid of the Nighthawk router internet connectivity issue. In the event that you have resolved this issue, feel free to drop some lines into the comment section