Different Hat Styles for Sportspersons and Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Though nobody can pinpoint the origins of hats with any exactitude, there is evidence of an Egyptian tomb painting dating back to 3200 BC of people wearing conical straw hats. In due course of time, people of almost all countries took to hats, more so in places where the sunshine was fierce. Hats are commonly worn for ceremonial and professional reasons and increasingly as personal fashion. However, many people who spend a lot of time outdoors playing amateur or professional sports also swear by hats. They get protection from the elements to the extent they want without their vision being obstructed while notching up their fashion quotient.


Also known as a ski mask, it covers the entire head and face leaving only the eyes, nose, and mouth exposed. You also get long versions that you can roll into a hat for covering your head, or fold down like a collar around your neck. The prime purpose of a balaclava is to keep the wearer warm and dry. The heat does not escape from the top of your head as the material covers it. Since you can wear a helmet over the balaclava, they are ideal for cold-weather outdoor sports like mountaineering, skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, etc. They are also worn mandatorily by race car drivers and motorcyclists to keep them comfortable during their high strenuous activities. Typically made of wool, you can get balaclavas also in a range of other fabrics like fleece, silk, and bamboo, or high-performance synthetic fabrics with wicking properties to keep the head dry.

Baseball Hats

The New York Knickerbockers wore the first baseball hat in 1849 as a part of their uniform. People liked the smart-looking caps so much that they soon became part of the popular culture while being the mainstay of the baseball players. The hats were made of straw originally but soon they were made of cotton and sported a rounded crown and a stiff bill. Wearing baseball caps is not the sole prerogative of the baseball players. The caps were loved so much by the public that they soon because one of the most popular hat styles. 

Their advantages included being light and easy on the head while affording good protection from the sun. In addition to sportspersons, the Coast Guard, the US Navy, and police forces around the world commonly wear baseball caps. You only need to attend a game to see how popular baseball caps are among the public. The usual way of getting a good fit is to use the snap or the Velcro fastener, but you can also get special hats for big heads.

Bucket Sun Hat

Originally known as the Irish Walking hat, the Bucket Sun hat features a large crown and a downward sloping brim that affords protection from the sun and the rain. For this reason, they are popular with farmers, as well as those who spend long hours fishing. The hat is functional and it is because of this reason, that it also enjoys widespread popularity among anglers. The hat features in mainstream media regularly, with celebrities like LL Cool J the famous American rapper, and Rihanna wearing them in their music videos.

When you are out by the river fishing for a long time, you will want a hat that gives you good sun protection. You must bear in mind in addition to the sun blazing down on your head, a lot of light also reflects off the water. Anglers need to have a hat that is not spoiled by water or the salty environment, which means that the hats should not be made from paper or straw. The best hats for fishermen will typically be made from nylon or polyester because they don’t get damaged if they get wet, and they dry quickly. Because the focus is on utility, not fashion, hats with ultra-large brims are the most popular.

Visor Caps

These caps, also known as sports visors or sun visors, are distinct from all other kinds of hats because of the absence of the crown. The hat comprises just a visor or a brim attached to a strap around the head to hold it in place. The visor protects the wearer’s eyes, nose, and face from the sun while leaving the head uncovered. The advantage is you get excellent sun protection and low weight, and your head can keep cooler. This kind of hat is popular among those playing golf, tennis, softball, volleyball, etc., where the players need to protect their eyes from the sunlight and good ventilation to keep their heads cool. According to The Running Magazine, visors provide more breathability than other types of hats.


Athletes and active sportspersons need more protection from the elements while their headgear must not obstruct their vision. Depending on the sport you can choose from the list described above. The key is to ensure a proper fit and that you are comfortable.