Are electric skateboards front wheel drive?

electric skateboards

Electric skateboards are becoming increasingly popular. Many people commute, get around, or just ride electric skateboards for fun. I enjoy riding electric skateboards the most. The thing about them is that they’re so much fun!Is there a difference between an electric skateboard and a regular skateboard? Exactly how do they work?

The electric skateboard is similar to a normal skateboard except that it has a motor that propels it forward. Controls for the vehicle’s throttle, speed, and brake are operated by handheld remote control. A battery powers the electric motor on an e-skateboard, which is mounted underneath the deck. Either the motor is incorporated into the deck or the motor is incorporated into the wheels.

As the rider tilts the board (shifts weight to the heels or toes), the board makes a turn. For local transportation or commuting, electric skateboards are suitable. A typical weight is 22 pounds (10 kilograms), and a top speed is between 10 and 30 mph (15 to 50 kilometers per hour). There is a range between 10 and 31 miles (16 and 50 kilometers).

When it comes to electric skateboards, how exactly do they work?

In the event of a crash, anything as fast as a small motorcycle can do a lot of damage to your body. Due to this, you should treat electric skateboards with respect. The first step to operating an electric skateboard safely is to understand how they work. It may surprise you to learn that the first motor-driven (gasoline-powered) skateboards were produced in the 1970s. In today’s skateboards, motors are electrically driven, making them look much sleeker and more stylish than they used to.When you pick them up to see the electric motor and battery underneath, they looked remarkably like a traditional skateboard.

Remote control is almost always included with an electric skateboard. Open the throttle with your remote control, and the data will be transmitted to your ESC via electromagnetic waves. As we accelerate with the controller, the ESC evaluates and distributes the appropriate amount of energy from the battery to the motor. According to Bluetooth receiver information, this is the case. Once you’re done, you’re done! Electric skateboard wheels and batteries are propelled forward by electric motors.

What is an electric skateboard exactly?

Skateboards with electric motors are also known as e-boards, e-skateboards, or Esk8s. Skateboards with electric motors are capable of accelerating and braking independently.

Electric skateboards are similar to regular skateboards or longboards (longer, more stable skateboards). Acceleration and braking are the biggest differences. You don’t have to kick with your foot to move forward on an electric skateboard. Because the electric motor does it, you don’t have to do it yourself. Electric motors drive you around as a passenger with both feet on the board. Moreover, electric skateboards come with brakes. Slowing down doesn’t require breaking with your foot. You just pull the trigger on your remote control and the e-skateboard slows down independently.

Electric skateboards parts explained

Basic components


The deck is the biggest part of your electric skateboard. It is the platform, the board, you are standing on while you’re riding it. It is usual for the deck to be made of wood. Industry standard boards typically consist of 3 to 12 plies of hardwood, (e.g. maple wood) laminated together and pressed into a concave shape. Some deck suppliers use a layer (or ply) of fiberglass or carbon for strength and rigidity. It is common for skateboard companies or do-it-yourselfers to construct their decks entirely from fiberglass or carbon fiber. If the deck is out of fiberglass or carbon it will get lighter, stronger and more durable. However, in my opinion, wood is perfectly fine as well.

Mechanical components       

The motor is one of the most important parts of an electrical longboard. It is the part that makes electric skateboarding so convenient. There are two main types of motors:

  • Hub motor
  • Belt motor

Hub motor

The hub motor is placed directly inside the wheel. It is very quiet and not so loud as a belt motor. It also looks very stealthy. If you drive your electric skateboard in areas where it is not allowed then the hub motor is maybe the better choice. But it has some disadvantages as well. Because of its placement, it is exposed to concussions.

Belt motor

The belt motor is the classic and conservative motor in the electric skateboard industry. The way it works: an electric motor is driving the motor pulley. The motor pulley is connected through a belt to the wheel pulley. The construction is comparable to the type of drive of a bicycle or a motor bicycle.

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