All You Should Know About Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

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There are several requirements that a kitchen cabinet has to meet. They need to be able to withstand water spills and scratches from heavy kitchen traffic, including dirty cooking messes. They also need to be durable and large enough to hold your utensils, pots, and other kitchen equipment. At the end of it all, they still need to have great aesthetic looks.

While it may be tempting to rush through when getting a kitchen cabinet for yourself, one major thing you should consider is cabinet refinishing. However, getting refinishing done may not be as easy as it seems because it requires great techniques and quality cabinet refinishers in San Marcos, CA. Read on to find out more about this process.

What is Cabinet Refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing is a maintenance process that involves steps to redo the finish on kitchen cabinetry. The steps include removing the already existing finish, preparing the surface, and applying a new finish. However, this process needs the skills of a professional refinishing contractor to avoid making unnecessary mistakes or damaging the cabinet in the long run.

A lot of people consider cabinet refinishing when looking to upgrade their kitchen on a budget. The process of refinishing kitchen cabinets in Encinitas is just as clear-cut, even though it is not understood quite as well. Like getting a new kitchen cabinet color mix, switching out the kitchen tile backsplash, or testing out new kitchen cabinet paint colors.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing can completely change the appearance and feel of the cooking space. More so, you can get cabinet refreshing at a more affordable price than you would if you decide to replace the cabinets instead.

Is Cabinet Refinishing Worth It?

Surprisingly, a lot of people believe that replacing all the kitchen cabinets is less expensive than refinishing them. In addition, it is much easier to change the design, accessories, and appliance location of the cabinet. But for a kitchen that has been existing for a long time, it is advisable to replace the cabinetry.

To be certain that a cabinet refinishing company in Oceanside will deliver the kind of cabinet refinishing that you are looking for may not be easy. For this reason, there are a few factors you should consider and some decisions you need to make before you contact one. There are questions you need to ask yourself before choosing to move forward with a cabinet refinishing process.

Below are a few of those questions:

• Do you want a smooth or a brushed finish?
• What set of colors would you rather go with?
• Can you work with a faux finish?
• Do you need any additional painting done in your house?
• What is your spending budget for cabinet refinishing?

What Impact Does Cabinet Refinishing Have On Your Home?

Kitchen cabinet refinishing will provide your kitchen with a major facelift. If you decide to sell your home, the kitchen could make a unique statement or break the deal. Besides, giving your kitchen a new look will help increase the value of your home and keep it at the top of the selling list, in case you decide to move one day.

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets can also make your kitchen the perfect entertainment center in your home. Having outdated cabinets in your kitchen will make you feel insecure about hiring a refinishing company in your kitchen. However, once the job is done, you’ll be able to host anyone in your kitchen without getting embarrassed.
Do You Need a Professional Cabinet Refinishing Company?
If you are certain cabinet refinishing is something you want to move forward with, a good company that offers cabinet refinishers in San Marcos, CA will do the following:

• New doors, panels, and drawer fronts, while refinishing other parts of the cabinet
• Additional cabinets to match the style of your kitchen
• Fully refinished kitchen drawers and frames
• Upgrading cabinetry hardware such as hinges and drawer slides.


With the help of professionals, cabinet refinishing is a powerful remodeling project that can add a lot of value to your kitchen. Besides, your kitchen cabinet is capable of making or breaking the look of the kitchen. For this reason, it is important to hire a reliable cabinet refinishing company in Oceanside to do the job.