Ali Ata Speaks on Setting the Right Tone for Selling a Real Estate Property


While investing in real estate is something that all experts in finance management such as Ali Ata of AAIM endorse, they also understand that as a seller of a residential property is not a cakewalk. Hence, here are some guidelines that should help one understand the things that are best avoided when attempting to sell a real estate property.

A thumb rule while putting up one’s property for sale is to not by any means get emotional about it.  There is no doubt that this is rather time-consuming and emotionally challenging, yet one needs to hold his nerves together and gather a lot of patience as a preparation. The easiest way to approach this is to consider it as a business deal. The more disconnected one is, the easier it is to accept the sale of an asset that one had purchased after a lot of deliberation and probably sacrifices.

One very common confusion during this process of sale is whether or not to hire a real estate agent. The one disadvantage one experiences in this regard are the shelling out of some extra money. Apart from that, it is majorly an advantage to hiring a professional in this regard. Particularly, if the individual does not have any experience in this regard. The agents know the market at the back of their hand and that is what makes it easy for them to fix a price for the property, which otherwise can be daunting and often a misjudged decision.

This certainly accelerates the sale process and guarantees a good bargain to a certain level. Also, the emotional aspect is considerably handled as the agent would certainly not have any emotions attached to the property. Other than that, there could be several other problems that crop up during the sale tenure, an agent in that case, as Ali Ata suggests is rather helpful to get a grip over the situation. They could also help with the spreading of the word of sale professionally and put in a word of recommendation as an agent as well to draw more traffic towards your property.

Expecting the exact amount that has been fixed for the sale is yet another wrong attitude to harbor while selling the real estate. One should know that the price quoted for the sale will never be got, it is therefore that just the right amount should be quoted so that it leaves room for negotiations.

Honesty is always the best policy, hence finance management experts such as Ali Ata suggest that no major problem related to the property ought to be hidden from the prospective buyer. The better option is to either solve the problem before the buyer arrives or let the buyer know what the issue is right at the onset. One could also price the property according to the gravity of the problem, i.e. to allow a price lower than the market.

Thus, avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes while selling property only makes the ordeal a comfortable one and easy to get through.