8 Tips to Manage Appetite of Your Kids


One of the most difficult things to manage as a parent is ensuring that your kids have a good diet. Your kids will never grow healthy and enjoy great mental health if they don’t eat healthy foods. 

Contrary to what most parents think, it’s not that hard to motivate your kids to eat healthily. If you are a parent struggling to boost the diet of your kid, you are at the right place. Keep reading this blog to find eight actionable tips that will allow you to manage your kids’ diet – let’s dive in!

1. Prepare Good Recipes

If your kid doesn’t want to eat the foods you prepare, chances are that you push your kids to try “unattractive” meals. Remember that most kids are picky eaters. If they don’t like the foods you present them, they will choose unhealthy foods over boring foods. 

This is why you need to try fun recipes for your kids. Make sure that the foods you produce appeal to your kids with their aroma, taste, and presentation. For example, if your kids love chocolate milk, you can buy chocolate milk for your children and present it with other healthy foods for your kids. Doing so will encourage your kids to finish their meals without making excuses. 

2. Build a Routine

You have to ensure that your kids follow a routine for eating food. If they don’t have a daily routine, they will never want to finish their meals. A proper routine can “program” your kids to have food at the right time and don’t make excuses about eating food. 

Building a routine is not as difficult as you might think. You don’t have to start “reward programs” for your kids, so they are inclined to eat their food on time. All you need to do is to review the daily activities of your kids and then allocate proper time in their routine when they have to eat food. 

It can get a bit difficult at the start to introduce a proper routine. However, slow and steady wins the race, and you persuade your kid to follow the eating routine you create. 

3. Introduce New Foods 

Kids never like to eat the same foods over and over again. If you are pushing your kid to have a meal they don’t like, you will never be able to manage their diet. This is why you need to be creative with meal ideas and have to introduce new foods that your kids love to eat. 

Contrary to what most parents think, you don’t necessarily have to enroll in cooking classes to prepare new meals. All you need to do is to spend more time in the kitchen trying different recipes. Doing so will help you build your “cooking muscle” over time, and you will be able to prepare more tasty meals that your kids love to eat. 

4. Engage Your Kids

Your kids will never want to eat their meals on time if you force them to follow a boring routine. To make things fun and interesting for your kids, you have to ensure that you introduce engaging activities for your kids. 

There are a ton of activities that your kids will love to have in their daily routine. For example, during the summertime, you can let your kids splash water in the pool before they sit down to finish their nutritious meals. Try introducing different fun activities your kids can enjoy before or after they eat food. 

5. Become an Example

If you are encouraging your kids to eat fruits and vegetables, but you love to devour fast foods, you won’t be able to set a good example. Remember that kids do what they see others doing. If you have an unhealthy diet, then your kids are never going to have a “healthy” diet. Set yourself as an example to your kids, so they are more inclined to follow suit. 

6. Teach Them Table Manners 

If you let your kids eat food in the bedroom, they are more likely to skip the meal and watch their favorite show. This is why you should encourage your kids to have food on the dining table. Doing so will make them understand how important it is to follow a proper routine. 

7. Remove Distractions from Your Home

Your kids will never want to enjoy their meal if they are always busy with “fun” activities. You have to ensure that you remove all the distractions from your home. Doing so will encourage your kids to focus on their diet. 

8. Avoid Offering Deserts

Many parents think they should let their kids eat candies or anything sweet after finishing their meal. Remember that this “reward” of a sweet dish is never going to encourage your kids to have a good diet. Instead of offering your kids desserts after meals, you should allow them to engage in a fun activity.