6 Signs That Your Fence Needs A Repair


If your fence is in bad shape, it can ruin the look of your yard. If you have pets or small children, it can also pose a safety risk. But many people don’t realize that their fence requires repair until it’s too late.

To help you decide whether your fence needs to be fixed, here are 10 signs to watch out for:

1. Pest or insect damage

If your wooden fence has been affected by pests or insects, it’s a notable sign that you need a fence repair. 

Try to go around your fence at least once a month to see if it is still in good condition, it’s always best if you detect these signs early enough before things get worse.

If you notice that your wooden fence looks swollen in certain areas or if you see insects or pests crawling around your fence, it’s time to quickly repair it.

If you feel the damage is beyond repair, you could opt for a shadow box fence installation Northbrook.

2. Damage from accidents or storms

One thing about accidents or storms is that they can damage your fence whether they are made of wood or vinyl or scallop.

If your fence gets damaged by a storm or accident, depending on the kind of material your fence is made with, you will need to get either a wood fence repair or a solid scallop fence repair Fox River Grove or a vinyl fence repair Crystal Lake.

Calling an expert to repair it would be better if you don’t have previous experience in repairing fences.

3. Leaning, bent, sagging, warped, or unstable posts

Leaning, bent, sagging, warped or unstable posts is another notable sign you will see that will tell you that you urgently need a fence repair.

Irrespective of the material that your fence is made of, your fence posts are crucial to maintaining its structure. A storm can weaken the posts of your fence no matter the material it is made of.

When your fence posts bend, crack, heave or warp, it puts pressure on the boards thus making the whole structure of your fence lean and causing it to eventually fall. 

So, when you notice that your posts start becoming unstable, ensure you get them replaced or repaired quickly before the damage gets worse.

4. Discoloration

Regardless of the material of your fence, they can experience discoloration.

If you notice any form of discoloration on your fence, then it’s time you get a vinyl fence repair Crystal Lake or a solid scallop fence repair Fox River Grove or the type of repair that’s best for you.

Signs of discoloration on your fence could indicate that there are more problems that you may not be aware of. And they are quite easy to detect.

Vinyl, wood, or composite fence could display stains as water damage or algae. When you see signs of discoloration on your fence, ensure you act fast.

5. Loose, noisy or broken hinges

If your fence has loose, noisy, or broken hinges, it’s also a sign that you need to repair it. 

When you don’t grease the hinges on your fence often, they could become noisy or even break. 

If your fence’s hinges are currently in a bad state, do well to get them completely changed or repaired. 

Broken fence hinges could make your pets, kids, and home unsafe. It could also make trespassers enter your yard. Or burglars could take advantage of it to steal expensive items from your house.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, make sure you quickly get those broken hinges repaired.

6. Contact with the ground

If you notice that your fence is having contact with the ground, it is a sign that it needs to be repaired.

Although your fence might not be the issue, it could be that the soil under it is the cause.

Whatever might be the case, contacting a professional to look at it and get it repaired is the most important thing to do.


A fence is an important addition to your home. It gives you and your family privacy, protects your kids and pets from the dangers of the street, and adds a sense of security to your home. That’s why it’s important to keep your fencing in tip-top condition at all times.

We hope these tips have helped you to identify some of the signs that your fence needs repair. It is always better to deal with issues as soon as you notice them before they can get worse and become more expensive to fix. 

You could need a shadow box fence installation Northbrook or a solid scallop fence repair Fox River Grove or even a vinyl fence repair Crystal Lake but If you are unsure about what repairs need doing, or if you would like to discuss having a new fence installed, be sure to get in touch with any professional that’s good with fence repairs around your area to help you decide what’s best for your home.