5 things to consider when choosing ACCA in Canada

5 things to consider when choosing ACCA in Canada

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA) is a global professional body for accountants in the United Kingdom. ACCA membership body accredits and supports accounting professionals globally. It is also one of the most sought-after qualifications by employers around the globe for professionals in finance. ACCA in Canada has its office in Toronto that provides regular email communications to coordinate various local initiatives for members and future members of the ACCA. Most importantly, a top-notch educational institution in Canada offers ACCA preparatory courses. Canada’s only face-to-face approved learning partner is among the institutions offering an ACCA preparatory course.

If you aspire to earn the ACCA qualification, a preparatory course can assist you in preparing for the standardized examination and achieving success. But before choosing ACCA in Canada, these five things must be taken into consideration:

1. Assess the quality of education

The ACCA preparatory courses are offered at the approved network of learning partners in Toronto. Throughout the two and half years, the preparatory course nurtures aspiring accounting professionals to become accountants by passing the ACCA exam.

The course equips the students with the necessary knowledge and skills that can help them achieve their career goals in the modern world of finance and accounting. So, while looking for an ACCA in Canada, students must access the quality of education offered at the educational institutions as it can have a profound impact on their professional careers.

2. Career progression

Students around the globe are looking to earn an ACCA qualification for the career progression it offers. As a prospective ACCA candidate, you must know that an ACCA qualification can open a host of opportunities such as treasurer, risk manager, business accountant, financial analyst, and much more. Moreover, ACCA in Canada allows students to be selective about their profession.

3. Opportunities to broaden the professional network

ACCA qualification also comprises an expanded professional network with global agencies that align with the needs and skillset. Before opting for ACCA in Canada, one must ensure that ACCA has approved employers known as ACCA-recognized partners. The list of approved employers includes Apex Group, American Express Services, Accenture, and more.

The government of Canada offers a host of employment opportunities along with career guides across many sectors. ACCA members can also find suitable employment options through the Government of Canada Job Bank.

4. Look for 24/7 online support

The ACCA courses are supplemented with lectures and other online resources on a standard study platform. ACCA preparatory courses that offer 24/7 assistance allow students to solve practice papers and watch the HD video recording of the entire ACCA syllabus covered at their own pace.

5. ACCA resources

ACCA preparatory courses offer resources that allow students to better prepare for ACCA. The top resources for a course are a revision kit and revision card, exam technique sessions, mock examinations with rigorous feedback, pass exams, revision classes, and, most importantly, ACCA study manuals and class notes.

Considering these aspects, an individual can opt for the right preparatory course for a fulfilling ACCA career in Canada and around the globe. An ACCA qualification can significantly fuel career progression while increasing earning potential. So, apply for this program now!