5 Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Roof in Check


The roof is one of the most critical aspects of any property or building. Roof repairs and maintenance can be quite costly, which is why it’s crucial to keep your roof in check. Replacing your roof isn’t an option either as it would be very expensive, especially on a commercial level.

Simply keeping your roof in good shape and condition can prevent most issues before they become major problems. Below are five essential tips you should know to increase the lifespan of your commercial roof. 

Don’t Walk On the Roof

Unless you’re a professional commercial contractor, never walk on your business’s roof. It can give rise to lasting roof damage and its life expectancy can also be affected. 

Walk pads can be a wise investment in this case. They can be installed while being stabilized independently of the main roof’s construction. They allow you to walk on the roof freely without damaging it.

Don’t Put Extra Pressure On the Roof 

Roofs are designed to be strong and rigid, specifically for commercial use, but that doesn’t mean they are designed to resist everything or are completely unbreakable.

The best way to keep your roof protected is to avoid adding additional pressure on top of it. For instance, you should:

  • Never install things directly on your roof
  • Clean out debris in valleys and gutters regularly
  • Never install a new roof over an old and damaged one

Keep it As Clean As Possible

Another way to keep your roof safe and sound is to keep it spotless. This will reduce the pressure on the top and ensure it is protected from falling. Flat commercial roofs mostly collect debris from surrounding areas, especially if it’s in a windy region.

Twigs, leaves, and even rocks can become a cause of roof damage that can lead to something much worse. They can also result in stagnant water and promote algae growth, which escalates the rate of roof deterioration.

Never Avoid a Leak Problem

A leaking roof is extremely dangerous. A lot of commercial properties suffer from blocked drains without the owner knowing. If left unchecked, it could lead to standing water which could leak into the loft or air duct system.

Once you note a roof leak, get roofing services immediately. Ignoring such damages can lead to electrical damage, equipment damage, or even roof collapse.

Prepare the Roof For Seasonal Changes

Keeping your roof prepared for the changing seasons is essential. In the future, it can eliminate a lot of your need for repairs, maintenance, and early replacement. Prevention is the best solution in this case as most of your roof problems can be avoided if you’re prepared for them.

For instance, during winter, you should go around and cover up exposed areas with tarps to prevent sitting water on the roof material. It’s important to select the right tools for any roof maintenance or repairs you conduct on your own. It can also be helpful to look at how other buildings and roofs in the area are affected by the environment changing.